Sunday, October 16, 2011

Peels? But where and why?

When I was released from the hospital in New Bern, NC, an RN read over the several pages of instructions to make sure I understood. One, puzzled me.

She said, "Now you'll need to do these peels three times a day. Should be
enough here until you can get another supply."

"Okay, but where do I do the peels?"

Looking at me like I was beyond hope, she said, "Well, at home or in the car. Just  follow the directions."

"Alright... but where? On my fractured nose or arm?"

"No, honey. They're peels. You swallow them with water."

"Oh...PILLS," I said.

Jerry, sitting across the room gave me the, "You can't be serious," look.

But I was...Southerners have a beautiful drawl, but sometimes it's difficult for this Northerner to know exactly what they are saying.

Numerous times I didn't know what the ER and hospital staff were saying to me. Usually, I could guess but
sometimes it was impossible. Can I be that far from home?   :-)

I'll be back to the Carolina Medical Center Hospital on Tuesday where a topnotch surgeon will place plates and screws into my displaced humerus fracture. Her name is Dr.Kristin Warner, and she received the Bronze Star for her work in Afghanistan. Please click on her name to read about this amazing woman. She's a hand and arm surgeon that is regarded as one of the best. The Serendipity of  meeting this Dr. is another story in itself. She's originally from Nebraska, so I can understand her perfectly!

This might be my last post for a week or so, as the metal plates & screws will hinder my typing abilities.

Hopefully, I'll be able to go to the Tiki Bar & Toucan Restaurant again by next weekend. It's a great spot to be with friendly people and great food.This is a view of the Marina and another of the Tiki Bar behind the Toucan statue.

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