Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall in North Carolina

Oriental's Tiki Bar, at the Marina, is the meeting place for locals. Boats seek shelter in the harbor there. We love this place.      The first night we went to enjoy this spot, a 60' yacht pulled in for fuel and to dock for the night along with many smaller vessels. This yacht burns 60 gals. of fuel per hour. It costs over $5000 to fill the tank!

     After a great meal at the Toucan Grill, we went to our rental home and settled in for our month long stay.  
     The next day in late afternoon, I took Mojo for a walk around the neighborhood. Large rivers surround us and at every turn another beautiful view awaits you. Before dusk, I turned to return home. My polio leg collapsed and I fell. 
    Thirty minutes later, I awoke with Mojo licking my face and nudging me with his nose. He had not left my side. Bless his heart! 
     It was pitch dark and for a few minutes, I didn't know where I was. Seeing a flashlight flicker in the distance, I moved toward it. Jerry had came looking for me. He was shocked to see me covered with blood. 
     The ER at New Bern was wonderful. I stayed in the hospital two days. I have a fractured nose with stitches in two horizontal cuts. And, trying to break my fall I chipped the radial head and tore ligaments. Ouch!  
     Don't let my raccoon eyes frighten you. :-)

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  1. Oh my! You'll have to tell your polio leg to treat you better. I'm sorry it happened. Laugh and get better.