Sunday, October 2, 2011

October in North Carolina

     Yesterday we settled into our rental house near Oriental, North Carolina. This area was hit hard by hurricane Irene. Devastation is apparent in the low laying properties. In fact, the house we original secured was not quite livable, so we are in a brand new home across the street.
Green Creek
     The wind sends welcoming whispers through the tall pines, sycamores and oak trees. The sound of coastal birds punctuate through the quietness.                       Directly across, we see Green Creek which connects to the Nuese River. Kayaks await us.
    12-15" fish jump out of the water and create their own wake. Dolphins do flips in the air.
      Jerry has already been fishing and we both have taken long hikes around the area. The flatness of the land creates a perfect walking track.
     The house is a blue three-story. Mojo likes to ride the elevator with us or scurry up the stairs ...impatiently waiting for either one of us humans, to get to the top or bottom.
Deb & Me

Cousin Deb honored us with a large tin of homemade cookies upon our arrival yesterday. Yum! Later, we are going over to she & her husbands beautiful home 10 min. away. She's already signed me up for the Chorale she attends. :-)  That will be fun and a great time to spend more time with her.


  1. It is beautiful! A wonderful adventure for you and Jerry.

  2. Looks like a beautiful spot to recover Momsker's.
    I will call and check on you tomorrow.:)