Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Coincidence, Miracle or an Entities Assistance?

Do miracles surround us every moment, and yet remain invisible.
     I recently read about a man who purchased a 1950's camera at a garage sale. He paid one dollar. In the camera was undeveloped film. 
     The man thought it would be fun to develop the film. Who knew what interesting scenes might be revealed?
     But he was disappointed when the images were only of strangers & a few snapshots of San Francisco taken long ago.
     He placed the photos on a coffee stand, planning to throw them away. His grandmother came for a surprise visit. She glanced at the photos and recognized her son, the young man’s uncle, who disappeared after a family argument. He’d swore he never wanted to see his parents again.
     In the photos, he appeared to be in his 40’s. Another photo had been shot in San Francisco during the '50’s.
     The grandmother and her grandson hurried to the house where he'd purchased the camera, only to learn the family didn't know anything about the camera. It was just an old camera that a cousin found twenty years ago, lying beside a roadside park over a thousand miles away.
     The grandmother was both saddened and elated. Saddened, since she hadn't seen her son since he was 18, but elated that he was still alive in his 40’s.
     Of course, we can call this a mere coincidence. A coincidence that someone took that photo of her son. A coincidence that the film had never been developed or removed from the camera. A coincidence that the camera had been picked up at that park, and then stored for all those years. A coincidence that the young man had purchased the camera, then on a whim, developed the old film. A coincidence that the grandmother had come to visit her grandson and found the photos of her son, the young man’s uncle.
     Could it be that “coincidences” like this surround us every moment, and remain invisible until we open our minds and listen to the voices of other entities around us? 
     Telling us to stop a the garage sale, buy an old camera, develop the film, place it on a table and then give a gentle nudge to the grandmother to visit.
     How many “coincidences” occur before we are willing to consider the possibility that there might be some kind of force at work within them?
     How statistically improbable must a chain of events be before we’re willing to consider the events a miracle or revealed by another type of entity, an angel or a spirit?
     Or what does it mean to explain things in the first place? Does explaining how these things can happen make them a coincidence, not a miracle?
     I’m certain that each of us have had a “coincidence,” a “miracle,” revealed to us during our lives. How many have we just taken for granted, not realizing the magnitude/complexity of the event. I can list hundreds. I'm certain that Angels surround all of us, waiting for us to recognize their presence.

One of my sons had an imaginary friend, "Feeny," as a child. Other adults teased him about his constant companion. I never did, as I believed my son that "Feeny," was there.

I believe that children's minds are open to other entities on this earth. When I was two, I spoke of my “other grandparents.”  I can still see their faces, their smiles and feel their love. Slowly they disappeared, or was I taught that they weren't really there.

I’m sure a few people who read this post will shake their heads in disbelief.  But perhaps one or two, will open their minds to the wonders/miracles around them. 

My WIP novel, "Visions of Pearl," is the introduction to Aureles. An entity that I’m certain exists to those with open minds. I can’t wait to finish this novel and share it with you all.

In the meantime, if you have not read "Visions of Evil," please do.

We are at our Writer’s Cottage, on Lake Michigan. Gentle rain falling. All is well.

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