Tuesday, March 12, 2013

OZ, Dreams, Nightmares & Mayday!

Many authors will tell you that some of their inspirations for stories and novels originate from nightmares or dreams.
That is often true with me & when I write them down, the premise of a story jumps out of my written words. 
                  Some are very scary!  
The Scarecrow in "Wizard of Oz," was based on L. Frank Baum's recurring nightmare where he was being chased by a scarecrow. And with Baum's vivid imagination that Scarecrow led to a great character in the "Wizard of Oz." 

Later he wrote six children's books, 55 novels and 82 short stories. Groups of children, including Baum's four sons, regularly gathered in his office and listened to his imaginative tales of Dorothy and her friends in the magical Land of Oz. It is said that Dorothy was invented as the courageous daughter he always wanted, but never had. She magically maneuvers through unfamiliar and unpredictable situations in the Land of Oz. The Scarecrow becomes her friend.

I belong to a Dreamer's Group that meets once a month. Our leader, Cynthia Richmond, is a dream expert. We share our dreams with her & “Zing”… we learn what they mean in our regular life. Our dreams, or nightmares, explain what our sub-conscious is mulling around.

Often, thankfully, they reveal a complete scene or plot for me.

I often dream about a dog named "Somewhere." I have never had a dog, or even knew a dog with that name.  But this wonderful animal, a golden retriever, often comes to me during a dream, standing protectively besides me. In my next novel, "Somewhere," is there. 
What are your dreams telling you? If you need help in interpreting them, Cynthia Richmond’s books on Amazon are very helpful.
Fact of the month: Why do ships & aircraft use 'mayday' as their call word for help?
It's because the French word for 'help me' is m'aidez and is pronounced, 'mayday.'

So now you know!
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