Friday, November 30, 2012

Saint David

I have an amazing nephew who is a living Saint. He has been challenged since birth with a severe autistic condition. He has conquered life with perseverance, that is unmatched by anyone I know.

 David has been employed as a dishwasher for the same restaurant for 21 years,     and has a night maintenance job at a hospital.  He works at least 11 hours a day. 

Life is not easy for him, but he rarely complains and is loyal, responsible and kind.

     Once, his dad asked him why his new friend was slow.
                    (She's mentally challenged.)
     David was in deep thought for few minutes.

     Finally, he said, “Well, Dad. She does have short legs.”

My brother told me that he was glad he was wearing sunglasses, as tears rushed  into his eyes.

Recently, David told someone that the Mexican restaurant where he worked had been sold. 
         “What’s the name of the new owner?”
         “Jose Gomez,” he said.
         “Oh, so he’s Mexican.”
         “No, he moved here from Wyoming.”

David has no sense of prejudice. He is accepting of everyone for what and how they present themselves. 

Why can’t we all be more like David?

Thank you David for teaching us many life lessons, including to work hard, be generous, forgive those who make fun of you, love always, and to never hold a grudge. God Bless you. 

 David, is in his Colorado Rockies shirt, with most of his cousins who treasure him.

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I did. 

                      Blessings to all.

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