Monday, October 28, 2013

I'm Ticked!

I’m ticked off.

I’m tired of people trying to control me. I'm angry at myself for allowing people to control me.

I’m sure that each of you can name 10 or more ways that you are being controlled right now. At first, you may disagree with that statement, but think about it. Can you do what you truly want to do? 
 Are you living through someone else’s life. Do you have to do what THEY want you to do or they won’t love you…be with you ... take care of you…etc?
 Does your hair/makeup/weight have to be perfect for someone to love you? If that’s true, they don’t love you…you are their controlled slave! Why do you allow them to control you? 
Are people around you critical of your behavior if you accidentally allow the REAL YOU to reveal itself.
 Do your "friends" expect you to be like them, do what they do, talk the way they do? Live where they do? 
Then, they are not your friends.

You are an individual. Be who you are! 

I’m ticked about the government controlling all of us like we are gnats on a string. Does the government control you? Do farm programs dictate what you may plant…does your organized religion dictate what you read, say & do? 
I could go on and on. In fact, this blog was 7 pages long, listing all the BS we allow ourselves to be controlled by. So, I had to cut out lots of things that tick me off!

And I’m tired of people treating me like I’m old woman. Yes, I may be 20-25 yrs older than some of you…but when you reach my age…(and it will happen in a flash)… you’ll not want to be treated that way either. I am a human being with intelligence, common sense, emotions, feelings, and I want to enjoy life just as any 30, 40, 50 year-old. 

And Surprise, surprise! I'm just as important as you. And You are just as important as me. We all have exactly 24 hours in each day. We all have responsibilities. No life is more important than another one's life.
 In fact, everyone puts their pants on the same way! Every single person breathes, eats & poops.

I understand that the more others can control me (or you), the less we may upset their schedules. They won't have to worry about us, include us, or heaven forbid...change their plans/important schedules, because of this OLD woman... or you!
Damn, I’m ticked!

I’m sick of white male politicians and/or organized religions trying to control my daughter's/grand's and other females rights to have an abortion. If they don’t want a female to have an abortion, then ALL males should practice abstinence or eliminate their junk. 

Don’t they realize that Vasectomies kill half of a fetus… female Sterilization, the other half… IUDs, Pills, Diaphragms, Male condoms, kill fetuses. What part of this do they not understand?

Wait! They do understand. Being against abortion (after THEY have impregnated someone) is another way to CONTROL women! It's a way to keep us in our place.

And I’m tired of  judgmental opinions on gay/lesbians. Leave them alone. Perhaps “normal” sex practice or breeding, is just as sickening to many. Oh, and by the way...I'm not gay.

I’m also ticked that they try to push their religion into our government. Most of that is once again to control us, especially women.
 Jesus, didn't belong to an organized religion. He didn't wear ridiculous hats & garments. He didn't hoard gold, riches and establish his own country.
He believed that we are all equal, men & women. Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Tall, Short, Fat, Thin...

One doesn't need to follow any particularly religion to do the right thing. It’s the NATURAL thing to do.

We allow ourselves to be Controlled! Why?

Is it easier to live under another person's/religion's or government's control... so we don't have to THINK on what is the right thing or what we want to do?

We are Slaves to other peoples opinions! 

I'm Ticked!

If this blog offends you, I apologize.

 After a couple glasses of wine, I might run out into the middle of the street and scream, "I'm Ticked!"      :-)

Then I'll get busy writing, Visions of Pearl and try not to be so ticked. 

Visions of Evil is available on in both paperback and as an eBook. Enjoy!

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  1. I get "it" and I like your fun would that be to run in to the street, yelling!!! Yea!